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Creme De La Crema Capone Juice Capone 60ml

It's time to give the people what they want. A truly authentic mix of natural and wild blueberries artfully blended with smooth vanilla creme and our secret Italian Custard flavor to create a wonderful Blueberry Torte that should never be prohibited.

Creme De La Crema Corleone Juice Corleone 60ml

Combining decadent chocolate, sweet vanilla creme, subtle hints of hazelnut, and our secret Italian Custard flavor make this an offer that no one can refuse! A rich, extradordinary experience that will earn the respect of your palate.

Creme De La Crema Gambino Juice Gambino 60ml

This is a flavor that will excite even the most defined palate. With a perfect combination of banana, creme, and custard, this juice has become one of our new favorites and will soon be one of yours as well.

Creme De La Crema Gotti Juice Gotti 60ml

A fluffy, bright and sweet vanilla custard vape with a light, cakey finish. A truly fine Italian custard will “take care” of your vanilla desires. As the flagship flavor of Creme De La Crema, Gotti has answers the demand for deliciously done vanilla custard.

Creme De La Crema Omerta Juice Omerta 60ml

So good it takes the words right out of your mouth. Sweet, bright strawberry flavor soars over the top of a smooth Italian custard with a touch of fluffy vanilla cake. You'll want to talk about this one, but we would prefer you didn't.

Mountain Oak Vapors Caramel Apple Caramela E-Juice Caramela 60ml

Caramela™ is one of our best selling flavors at Mountain Oak Vapors. Your favorite Fall treat is here to stay all year round! Sweet and delicious caramel meets an authentic red apple flavor for one amazing all day vape!

Mountain Oak Vapors - Caribbean Crush - Pineapple Peach flavored E-liquid Caribbean Crush 60ml

Caribbean Crush™ is a truly delicious, unique flavor that will satisfy fruit & candy lovers around the vape world! We started out with a delicious organic peach flavor and added a touch of authentic pineapple and delicious jack fruit. We finished it off with a wonderful burst of tart flavor that will tickle your taste buds!

Mountain Oak Vapors - Chai Tea Latte High VG E-Liquid Flavor Chai Tea Latte 60ml

Chai Tea done only the way that Mountain Oak Vapors can! Chai Tea Latte starts out with a pleasant Chai Tea flavor and finishes with a sweet, warm caramel & vanilla blend.

Mountain Oak Vapors - Cool Ice - Refreshing Menthol E-Juice Cool Ice 60ml

The only thing traditional about this E-Liquid is the name. We promise you haven't tried anything this good!

Mountain Oak Vapors - Grape Onya - Sugary Sweet Grape Flavor Grape Onya 60ml

Grape Onya™ is a delicious blend of sugary sweet concord grape flavors in one e-liquid. This e-juice is reminiscent of our favorite pixie stix flavor with just the right amount of sour. You'll really enjoy our all new take on a traditional grape flavor. This is a HIGH VG E-Liquid, which means it contains at least 70% VG to deliver maximum vapor with each and every puff!

Mountain Oak Vapors Legendary E-Juice Legendary 60ml

A truly satisfying banana nut creation that offers so much more.. A flavor that must be experienced in the vape medium!

Lemon Cake E-Liquid Lemon Cake 60ml

Tart Lemon meets fluffy, warm and delicious pound cake for a truly wonderful vaping experience! Try this flavor today, you will not be disappointed!

Mountain Oak Vapors - Lynchburg Sour Tennessee Whiskey E-Liquid Lynchburg Sour 60ml

Lynchburg Sour™ is an amazing blend of Tennessee Whiskey and natural oak flavors expertly blended with a smooth & sour Lemonade. Taste the difference today!

Mountain Oak Vapors - Nanaberry - High VG Straberry Banana Smoothie E-Liquid Nanaberry 60ml

Nanaberry is a smooth and sweet Strawberry Banana Smoothie E-Liquid that is balanced by an authentic smoothie/shake like top note!

Mountain Oak Vapors - Pistachio Pastry - High VG Egyptian dessert flavor,sweet phyllo dough pastry with a creamy milky center sprinkled with pistachios E-Liquid Ohm Ali 60ml

Ohm Ali is a Egyptian dessert flavor of a sweet phyllo dough pastry with a creamy milky center sprinkled with pistachios resulting in a smooth all day vape.

Mountain Oak Vapors Pink Doozie E-Juice Pink Doozie 60ml

Fresh, flaky, bakery fresh donuts combine with just a hint of sweet, succulent strawberry glaze. This vape is truly a doozie!

Mountain Oak Vapors POM E-Juice POM 60ml

A slice of pineapple, squeeze of orange, sliver of mango fuse together to make the best blend of tropical fruit and creamy yogurt you've ever experienced.

Mountain Oak Vapors Pumbi Umpkin E-Juice Pumbi Umpkin 60ml

Pumbi Umpkin is your grannies pumpkin pie with whipped cream all swirled into a wonderful e-liquid creation!

Mountain Oak Vapors - Rainbow Sorbet - Rainbow Sherbet flavored E-liquid Rainbow Sorbet 60ml

Rainbow Sorbet™ is a highly authentic take on a classic Rainbow Ice Cream dessert! Light, Fluffy, and full of flavor.

Mountain Oak Vapors - Rangler - High VG Smooth Tobacco RY4 E-Liquid Rangler 60ml

Smooth & Sweet Tobacco rounded by an Authentic Cigarette Like Finish.

Mountain Oak Vapors -Razzle - High VG Tart and tangy blue raspberry E-Liquid Razzle 60ml

Razzle is Sweet. Sour. Tart. Tangy. This flavor is all these things and more. A powerhouse blue raspberry that’s the perfect accompaniment to summer, but can be vaped all year long.

Mountain Oak Vapors - Strawberry Breeze High VG Natural Strawberry Flavored E-Liquid Strawberry Breeze 60ml

Strawberry Breeze™ is a medley of delicious artificial & natural strawberry flavors. Sweet & Smooth to the last drop.

Mountain Oak Vapors - Strawberry Brulee E-Liquid Strawberry Brulee 60ml

Strawberry Brulee™ takes Smooth Vanilla, Sweet Caramel, and Ripe Strawberry flavorings and infuses them together for one unforgettable vape!

Mountain Oak Vapors - Nanaberry - High VG Bourbon,toasted coconut, brown sugar and bavarian sweet cream E-Liquid The Harvey 60ml

The Jerry Harvey is a complex and delicious blend of dark, oak barrel aged bourbon, toasted coconut, and brown sugar balanced by authentic Bavarian sweet cream.

Mountain Oak Vapors - Vanilla Dream Natural & Organic E-Liquid Flavor Vanilla Dream 60ml

Vanilla Dream™ is sweet enough to satisfy and smooth enough to be your all day vape!

Mountain Oak Vapors - Watermelon and Honey Dew Melon E-Liquid Water Malone 60ml

The most beautiful thing we've ever seen in our lives, it's a WATER MALONE!

Highball Bellini Juice Bellini 60ml

Bellini We'd like to propose a toast to pairing rich pink champagne with a blushing & succulent peach.

Highball Cabana Juice Cabana 60ml

Cabana An opulent mix of light and dark fruits that are blended together to create a warm, lavish sangria.

Highball Mojit-Ohh Juice Mojit-Ohh 60ml

Mojit-Ohh The perfect leafy, mint flavor with a sweet strawberry kiss.

Highball Pomtini Juice Pomtini 60ml

Pomtini An audacious blend of pomegranate and acai berries that tickles the taste buds.