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Cooler High VG Way of the Dragon Enthusiast Series (High VG)
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Mountain Oak Vapors - Caribbean Crush - Pineapple Peach flavored E-liquid Caribbean Crush 100ml

Caribbean Crush™ is a truly delicious, unique flavor that will satisfy fruit & candy lovers around the vape world! We started out with a delicious organic peach flavor and added a touch of authentic pineapple and delicious jack fruit. We finished it off with a wonderful burst of tart flavor that will tickle your taste buds!

Mountain Oak Vapors - Classic Country RY4 E-Juice Classic Country 100ml

A Mountain Oak Vapors take on a traditional RY4. This flavor is both light & smooth, with just enough sweetness. A good tobacco finish and a great all day vape!

Mountain Oak Vapors - Cool Ice - Refreshing Menthol E-Juice Cool Ice 100ml

The only thing traditional about this E-Liquid is the name. We promise you haven't tried anything this good!

Mountain Oak Vapors - Independence - Raspberry Vanilla Blueberry Flavor Independence 100ml

Independence™ is a special treat and available for a limited time only. This fruity flavor shows our true colors with a sweet red raspberry to start, a helping of our new formulation of sweet vanilla cream, and a smooth blueberry to finish it off. This is truly the best way to celebrate our great nations Independence Day!

Lemon Cake E-Liquid Lemon Cake 100ml

Tart Lemon meets fluffy, warm and delicious pound cake for a truly wonderful vaping experience! Try this flavor today, you will not be disappointed!

Mountain Oak Vapors - Nanaberry - High VG Straberry Banana Smoothie E-Liquid Nanaberry 100ml

Nanaberry is a smooth and sweet Strawberry Banana Smoothie E-Liquid that is balanced by an authentic smoothie/shake like top note!

Mountain Oak Vapors - Pistachio Pastry - High VG Egyptian dessert flavor,sweet phyllo dough pastry with a creamy milky center sprinkled with pistachios E-Liquid Ohm Ali 100ml

Ohm Ali is a Egyptian dessert flavor of a sweet phyllo dough pastry with a creamy milky center sprinkled with pistachios resulting in a smooth all day vape.

Mountain Oak Vapors Pink Doozie E-Juice Pink Doozie 100ml

Fresh, flaky, bakery fresh donuts combine with just a hint of sweet, succulent strawberry glaze. This vape is truly a doozie!

Mountain Oak Vapors POM E-Juice POM 100ml

A slice of pineapple, squeeze of orange, sliver of mango fuse together to make the best blend of tropical fruit and creamy yogurt you've ever experienced.

Mountain Oak Vapors Pumbi Umpkin E-Juice Pumbi Umpkin 100ml

Pumbi Umpkin is your grannies pumpkin pie with whipped cream all swirled into a wonderful e-liquid creation!

Mountain Oak Vapors - Rangler - High VG Smooth Tobacco RY4 E-Liquid Rangler 100ml

Smooth & Sweet Tobacco rounded by an Authentic Cigarette Like Finish.

Mountain Oak Vapors - Strawberry Breeze High VG Natural Strawberry Flavored E-Liquid Strawberry Breeze 100ml

Strawberry Breeze™ is a medley of delicious artificial & natural strawberry flavors. Sweet & Smooth to the last drop.

Mountain Oak Vapors - Nanaberry - High VG Bourbon,toasted coconut, brown sugar and bavarian sweet cream E-Liquid The Harvey 100ml

The Jerry Harvey is a complex and delicious blend of dark, oak barrel aged bourbon, toasted coconut, and brown sugar balanced by authentic Bavarian sweet cream.

Mountain Oak Vapors - Watermelon and Honey Dew Melon E-Liquid Water Malone 100ml

The most beautiful thing we've ever seen in our lives, it's a WATER MALONE!

Mountain Oak Vapors - Red Drop - Raspberry Limeade E-Juice Red Drop Cooler 100ml

Enjoy our version of a Raspberry Limeade, just the way it was intended! This E-liquid will be sure to tickle your taste buds.

Mountain Oak Vapors - Pineapple Cooler - Pineapple & Pina Colada E-Juice Pineapple Cooler 100ml

Need a vacation? This E-Liquid will whisk you away to that tropical beach that you have been dreaming of.

Mountain Oak Vapors - Strawberry Cooler - Strawberry Lemonade E-Juice Strawberry Cooler 100ml

The best balance of fresh strawberries and lemons put together to bring you a refreshing cool strawberry lemonade.

Mountain Oak Vapors - Watermelon Cooler- Watermelon cucumber E-Juice Watermelon Cooler 100ml

Watermelon and cucumber blended together to give you a Crisp, lively refreshment that cools to the core.

Way of the Dragon White Lotus Juice White Lotus 100ml

White lotus is a velvety blend of tropical fruits and cream that will leave you floating in an island breeze.