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Way of the Dragon is one of the top selling lines at Mountain Oak Vapors featuring 4 great products that over the years have developed quite a following. The most famous of course is WHITE LOTUS a unique fruit experience that starts with a blending of Apricot & Papaya and finishes off with a creamy Nectarine. RYUU (龍神 "Dragon God") while Ryuu found its inspiration in ancient Chinese lore, the flavor itself is about as American as it gets - Warm, sweet, and on the money Peanut Butter Banana Cream Pie! In this line the greats keep coming, SATORI is one of our most beloved flavors and is akin to a toasted cinnamon cereal -- Rich and complex it's a great vape all day, every day. We finish this line off in style with CHAKRA - Toasted Mocha Cookie done right. We didn't get heavy handed or over the top, this flavor delivers authentic mocha cappuccino with a toasted cookie finish, easily used as an all day vape.

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