Mountain Oak Vapors was founded January of 2012 by Steve & Brandy Nair and we have worked extremely hard on perfecting our craft over nearly 6 years of great business. As a pioneer in both the Wholesale & Retail sectors, Mountain Oak Vapors has grown to be one of the most recognized names in the industry. We never stop evolving, until our better becomes our best, all the while continuing to set a high standard for the industry we love. We believe the added benefit of owning and operating 8 of our own successful retail locations built almost entirely off our own brand gives us a huge advantage in having first hand feedback directly from our customers, as well as having our fingers directly on the pulse of the industry from the ground level. As a company, we think it's our experience in every facet of the industry coupled with our passion for vaping that sets us apart. As you can probably tell, we take great pride in our company, our brand, and most importantly our E-Liquids. A lot of love goes into the creation of each of our complex and unique recipes. Our goals are to persevere through the FDA regulations, conduct an ethical business, and continue to do what we love.

Our company is rooted firmly in advocacy and we believe in it strongly. We are founding members of the Tennessee Smoke Free Association, as well as active members of the Georgia Smoke Free Association, New York State Vape Association, and by proxy the VTA. We have donated heavily to the R2B Smoke Free Association, taking a leading role in the initial lawsuit filed against FDA. We have also helped fund the lawsuit in Indiana which saw bad legislation get over turned in a major victory for USA Vapor Companies. We have donated to the likes of CASAA, SFATA as well as the AVA. We were proud to take part in the #FUNDTHEFUTURE campaign hosted by Gonzo Vapors. As you can see, for us Advocacy is more than just a talking point -- it's a way of life, and we take it seriously. We believe that it is on all of us to ensure the future of vaping remains bright.

When it comes to production, we are second to none. Our facility can output over 1,500,000 units per year, and we have implemented Good Manufacturing Practices at every turn. We have SOP's for every level of production, from shipping & receiving to batch retention & lot traceability. More importantly, we genuinely care about our company, our brand, our products and our customers -- and with those things in focus our standard's of production are always in tune.

Certainly not last in anyone's book, we'd like to mention customer service. You can't own a business in Tennessee without friendly, helpful service. We are quick to respond, pleasant to work with, and always available! We work with hundreds of shops here in the United States as well as distributors in Canada, Korea, Germany, Greece, the UK, and many more. We understand that every shop is different, you have unique needs, and you want the best for your customers. We've got exceptional products, a wealth of knowledge, and our pricing is extremely competitive. We'd love to work together in 2018 and beyond and we thank you for taking the time to visit us!


Steve Nair
Mountain Oak Vapors LLC